RMS ST Helena – A lifeline ends

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The RMS St Helena, a vessel purpose built about 27 years ago to serve the needs of the South Atlantic Islands of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cuna has ended its service to these islands.

Saturday 10th February at 4:30pm she did a steam past the harbor signalling her final time she would depart the island.

Carrying all sorts of cargo, from cars, animals, food and other essentials this vessel was build for the purpose of cargo and passengers 27 years ago.

Creating careers, bonds between people, memories and so much more. The RMS St Helena has made the island of St Helena what it is today - A jewel in the south Atlantic.

We created this short film to showcase the day of the celebrations, in which we said our goodbyes and this is our small tribute to the RMS St Helena as we look forward to a bright future with air access.

The celebrations included on the day, a parade of organisations including crew from the vessel from the canister in Jamestown down to the lower wharf steps.

Thank you RMS St Helena and Crew for making the island what it is today.

Thank you to the organisations and authorities on the island for allowing us to capture the footage we did in this film.
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