San Jose del Guaviare

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San José de Guaviare is a small city about 400 kilometers southeast from Bogotá and capital of the state Guaviare. It is situated close to the river Guaviare. Lots of Colombians still consider it dangerous to visit the area due many years of violence during the civil war. Nevertheless, it is no longer so-called red zone and has a lot of wonderful nature and prehistoric sights to visit. Tourism is growing slowly and there are a lot of things to do. Enjoy the video for the best of San José de Guaviare out of the bird’s eye perspective.

Which places to visit in and around San José del Guaviare ? Below are listed all the places of the video in Google Maps:

Puente Nowen
Balneario Tranquilandia
Puerta de Orion
Pozos Naturales
Laguna Negra
Puentes Naturales
Cascada Las Delicias
Cerro Azul
Ciudad de Piedra

Recorded with: Mavic Pro 2
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