Scripps Pier La Jolla, CA

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{Surfers + Sunset} Scripps Pier, California
12 image 3-layer composition of Scripps Pier in La Jolla, CA by Aldryn Estacio of

My goal was to line up the sunset with the tip of the pier and the final result ended up being something more magical. My first pano was to focus on getting the sun lined up perfectly while keeping the pier in the center of my shot. I then panned up a tad to capture more of the clouds and then created another pano with a lot more sky. My final pano was created by tilted the camera downwards to capture more water. Once I did that I saw that there were 3 surfers taking a break to watch the sunset. After doing my composition which consisted of 12 images, I was excited to see it all come together in this final piece. 3 surfers + sunset came to life.

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