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barmby on the marsh

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Kaideng K70C Sky Warrior Drone. Short flight at the side of the river Ouse near York then crash testing out its abilities to fly and carry an sj4000 camera.

This is only my 2nd flight with this quad usually flying the Tarantula X6. I’m testing the sj4000 camera instead of the stock camera as the quality is much better and this quad can carry it no problem. Within 3-4 mins of this flight the drone suddenly broke contact with the transmitter and fell to the ground breaking the back legs of it.

I have no idea why it did this and after repairing it i checked it over fully. I’ve since flow it and I got 8 mins with it no problem. I suspect the battery didn’t get a full charge. The damage was 2 broken legs and a broken switch.

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