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Serra da Estrela, Portugal – Drone Video

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Well, hello everyone, once again, another trip made, another adventure, this time, Serra da Estrela where I used the Drone and Gopro to record every moment. I passed through several locations, from Belmonte, Covilhã, Penhas da Saúde, Torre, Poço da Broca among others, which I will publish later. I leave here a note to a feeling very visible in this video about the fires that break out in this area. It’s a feeling of nothingness… of sadness… of knowing we as human beings are capable of these kinds of things. But as life goes on and nature wastes no time, I saw signs of life even in that black and white scenario, from small animals, as well as the swarming of plant life eager to grow. It was an incredible trip, landscapes, sunsets, places, people… in short… only those who pass through these types of places will be able to experience such a thing. So I leave you the video for your enjoyment. Greetings to all Daniel B.

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