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Shadowrunner 3

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Molecule Man, Spree, Berlin:
The “shadow-runner” is supposed to stimulate thought, as does Plato’s cave-like.

The „Shadowrunner“ is only a trace of the past, conserved for the future. And yet we know that he is moving into a future. Only in the picture the time stands still.

To change one\’s position also means to change, to rethink real-thought. At first you will be confused about the new one, but as you continue to look, you will discover something incredible.

Through aerial photographs by means of a drone one can change the point of view.

We actually got used to air recordings. We know almost all the beautiful bright clouds when we travel with one of those crazy planes. Then we see roads and fields among us, many a lake or a river, and also the villages and towns.

But we do not see people, dogs, cats, children and all other creatures anymore, details become surfaces.

Are they then no longer there?
Oh, for we have learned that they are there, even if we do not see them anymore.

With the possibility to take aerial photographs with a drone, we are now approaching the objects again and seeing things that can only be discovered from this perspective.
A new perspective on the “world”!

Walking in sunset
Gediminas Tower