Shocking drone footage shows Aleppo destruction

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Shocking drone footage shows Aleppo destruction
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Drone footage filmed in rebel-held eastern Aleppo shows the extent of damage resulting from heavy bombardments on the city since the breakdown of a ...

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  1. Teiche für Lurche und Biotope mitten in der Stadt. Und keine Auto-Staus und keine Überschretung der Messwerte. Eine ökologische Stadt, wie sie jeder Grüne erträumt.

  2. How programmed is someone who would follow orders, to do this….  This plants a black seed so deep into the psyche that the soul can never fully recover. Its a horrible thing to do to our children, but most importantly to their children. This is why you close the borders for awhile to assess the problem, because they can't have anything but deep seeded hate for us… way deep down. That's just logical..

  3. Can anyone tell me IF Russia & Iran will be rebuilding the entire destruction with their EXPENSE ? If not , which nation will end up spending tax payers money to rebuild all these mess Russia and Iran made?

  4. Is someone clever here who could explain exactly why this war started and who (which country) declared a war? Who fights with who and why? Or maybe simply Syrians fight with Syrians? I am really confused because everyday I hear about Syrian war and refugees but I do not understand why struggling women, childreen, old and sick people are in Aleppo but young, strong men are escaping and who they are? How to recognise if they run away from army and how to recognise if they fought for the right side. I think it is not good to help people who are bandits and not help people who are victims. Who is who?