Shoot Aerial Video Like a Pro – Mastering Drone Footage – PART 1

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Shoot Aerial Video Like a Pro – Mastering Drone Footage – PART 1
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Drone Video of Laos
THE INSPECTOR (Japanese version) , Japan

  1. 1:11 is some really great editing because there is no possibility whatsoever a near-half moon would be close to the horizon at or near a sunrise or sunset. It is either high in the sky or has not yet appeared. Props for the editing while exposing myself as a scientific purist.

  2. Listening to your great video, as looking for a 'cheap' Walmart drone, to maybe just get started. I did enjopy this video, and especially, felt the need to leave this reply, and thank you when i heard you mention the part about, HOLDING your shot for 10 seconds! Great mention. Even as a new video recorder, learning these steadying techniques, and Holding that image, even in a panoramic trying to do a slow pan. even when seemingly in a hurry. Great advice.! Subbed! Liked,a nd Thanks so much for this and sure other, great videos!

  3. Brilliant tips! Thanks for sharing this video. You got some incredible shots out of the inspire 1. I'm always stopping shots too early and then I realise in post it was actually quite good and wished I had kept going.

  4. Just finished the whole video tutorial. Excellent! I took notice when you nove forward through the tree canopy in the beginning, on the running path, that the angle afterwards slowly diminishes the running path to the grass on the left then upward to the sky in a fluid motion. That is what I see. Your observations of all the surrounding shapes, angles and color give your talent and videos life. Good stuff.

  5. Just watched the first minute of tit excellent video tutorial. I am speechless. Even after the 2 years since this had been uploaded it completely took my observance level to the next level. When the drone flew over the house and the mountains came into view in the deep backdrop, I can still see the purple and orange in them as I am writing this. Your talent for this is beyond words. This is no smoke blowing or apple polishing. Words are not enough. I will definitely enjoy the rest of this video.