Soverato, Italy

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The Coast of Oranges is considered one of the best ever in all of Italy . Its central region is affected by the presence of rocky headlands of white granite that break down towards the sea . It goes Botricello Guardavalle MarinaGli geographical extremes of this vast coastline are characterized by low beaches mixed with sand and pebbles , especially at the mouths of the rivers bordering the central part of the Coast of Oranges is affected by the presence of rocky promontories of granite white that slope gently towards the sea .
The pebbly beaches of the long beaches of Botricello , Cropani Sellia Marina and north of Isca on the Ionian and Badolato Marina south , contrasts with the mighty promontory of Stalybridge offering glimpses most beautiful and evocative of the entire Coast of Oranges .
Lumbin, France
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