The Beauty of Peru- Ausangate Trek

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I filmed this entire video using the DJI Mavic Pro drone while Trekking in the Peruvian Andes. I edited all the footage using final cut pro.
The Ausangate Trek with rainbow mountain was most definitely the most spectacular Trek I have ever done. We have done some of the other more recommended treks in the Cusco region and the cordillera blanca area and this trek was in my opinion the most spectacular. Every single day brought new breathtaking scenery and made it a paradise for film and photography. Between towering glacier covered peaks of Ausanagate and the rest of the Vilcanota range, the incredible colors of turquoise lakes, red mountains and golden pastures, and alpaca, llamas, and vicunas wondering through the vast wilderness this trek is unforgettable. We were very fortunate to get 5 days of perfect sunshine. With the stunning beauty of this trek it was hard to believe how few people there were. Big thanks to our guide Efra and the Peru Summit Adventures team for the experience.

How I filmed it--
For 5 days of trekking I had 5 drone batteries plus a power bank which could charge up around 1.5 batteries. I used this to top off the charge after short flights. I kept the drone batteries in the bottom of my sleeping bag at night to keep them from freezing and draining the power. The drone definitely had to work harder because of the high altitude. Most flights were done around 16,000 ft with the maximum altitude just over 19,000 ft above sea level. I had to fly very sparingly to conserve power throughout the trek. Each flight was carefully planned before to maximize the amount of good footage while wasting as little battery as possible.
Golf Course- 350ft Mavic Pro