“Spying” on my buddy with the Mavic Pro

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"Spying" on my buddy with the Mavic Pro
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Decided to give the Mavic a real flight test. Flew over to my friends house, which is a little over a mile away. Sped it up for the video as I took my time flying over.

Shot My Parrot Dead
East Bay Golf Course

  1. What drone was Ride 906 using? Right now I saw a drone an reaaally expensive one too. I want one so I can take a view of the fireworks. Because today’s Fourth of July, And next year I want to do the same thing as that person who lives a few blocks away from me. So I wanted a drone. 🙂
    If someone would tell me the drone that Ride 906 was using, I would definitely save and buy it for next year! Happy 4th of July, Ride 906!