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St Catherine’s Chapel Abbotsbury,

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St Catherine’s Chapel was once part of St Peter’s Monestary of Abbotsbury. It was built as a quiet retreat for prayer byt the monks at the timme. Surrounding the chapel and over all the adjacent hills can be seen the strip lynchets used by the agriculatural workers whose lives were governed by the monestary until its eventual disolution during the Great Reformation of Henry XVIII.
Beyond Abbotsbury is the Fleet which is the long lagoon separated by the Chesil Bank from the sea. The wider regions forms the larget swannery in the UK. This was started by the monestary to feed the monks. Chesil Bank is the longest Tombola in the world at over 20 miles from Portland to West Bay near Bridport, the pebbles are graded in size going smaller towards West Bay.

St Catherine's Chapel Abbotsbury,
St Catherine's Chapel Abbotsbury,