Switzerland in 4k (various locations, see description)

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Switzerland in 4k (GoPro 4 + Drone)
Shot with a GoPro Hero 4 black and GoPro Hero 3 black

Most scenes shot with a Dji Phantom 2 quadcopter at various locations in Switzerland:
00:04 Grimsel Pass (Valais)
00:18 Furka Pass from the Grimsel (Valais)
00:30 Looking at Cully from Epesses (Lavaux, Vaud)
00:40 Epesses (Lavaux, Vaud )
00:46 Oberwald from Grimsel Pass (Goms, Valais)
00:59 Bois du Jorat (Vaud)
01:10 Arolla (Val d\'Hérens, Valais)
01:14 Oberwald (Goms, Valais)
01:17 Grimsel Pass winter access (Valais)
01:25 Mont Pèlerin (Vaud)
01:44 Le Châtelard (Lavaux, Vaud)
01:50 Mont Pèlerin (Vaud)
02:00 Looking at Cully+Riex from Epesses (Lavaux, Vaud)
02:05 Bois du Jorat (Vaud)
02:25 Sonlerto (Val Bavona, Ticino) (Shot from car roof)
02:39 La Forclaz (Val d\'Hérens, Valais)
02:44 Mont Pèlerin (Vaud)
02:50 Le Folly (Vaud)
03:00 Lutry (Vaud)
03:09 Grimsel Pass (Valais)
03:20 The Rhone at Oberwald and Furka tunnel entrance (Goms, Valais)
03:23 Bois du Jorat (Vaud)
03:31 Château de Montany (Lavaux, Vaud)
03:44 Aran (Lavaux, Vaud)
03:52 Cape au Moine (Vaud)
04:00 Les Saugealles (Bois du Jorat, Vaud)
04:15 Haut Glacier d\'Arolla (Val d\'Hérens, Valais)
04:22 Cape au Moine (Vaud)
04:34 Lac de Bret (Vaud)
04:43 Tsijiore Nouve Glacier (Val d\'Hérens, Valais)
04:51 Vallon de La Tièche (Cran-Montana, Valais)
04:59 Nufenenpass (Valais-Ticino) (Shot from car roof)
05:04 Colombire (Cran-Montana, Valais)
05:12 Unterer Theodul Gletscher (Zermatt, Valais) (Shot from a cable car)
05:17 Grimsel Lake (Berne)
05:28 Grimsel Pass (Valais)
05:45 Bois du Jorat (Vaud)

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DJI Phantom II
GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 3 Black
H3-3D Gimbal
FPV monitor
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Music (Royalty free):
Inspirational Piano Music - Possible - Ross Bugden
Fall - Ross Bugden
The Legend of Styk Theme - Ross Bugden
Switzerland (various locations, see description)