Sydney harbour. View from Cremorne Point

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Easter time Sydney Harbour Australia
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  1. The Harbor Bridge in Sydney is the largest steel arch bridge in the world. Its grand opening took place on March 19, 1932. Before it was built, more than 800 houses in the vicinity had to be demolished, and without compensation – a fact that resonated with the residents of the city.

    Construction of the Harbor Bridge was planned back in the mid-19th century. Over the next five decades, 24 bridge projects and one tunnel project were proposed. However, all of them were not confirmed in a detailed study in 1904. John Bradfield of Australia, an engineer with the Office of Public Works, took on the problem.

    It took a long time to get all the drawings in order, since any change in design required recalculations of the entire structure. The calculations took several thousand pages in 28 volumes.

    From the technical and organizational point of view, the construction of the bridge turned out to be a difficult task. It was decided to use the cantilever method, moving from the piers towards the center so as not to disturb the functioning of the port. At the same time there was a need to use technological supports for some time. The strength test of the bridge was carried out in February 1932 with the help of 96 steam locomotives.

    In the same year the bridge was opened. By the time construction was completed, it had cost $20 million, at an original cost of – $4.2 million. It took 55 years to repay the debt.