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little 250 Quadcopter fly over mountain In fire thailand overview With FPV drone camera North of the village of Khao Noi a few kilometers from the town of Kanchanaburi, lots of smoke shows that the mountain is on fire …
In the dry season often happens, because all trees and vegetation are completely dry.
Send up drone and far to make this risky movie and see where the fire comes from and how fire starts are countable …
Perhaps can we better know the cause … In this case, as often it was explained to me, it appears that the rubbing the dry bamboo trunks between them could with wind and very high heat if heated up to produce natural fires in forests or mountains.
In any case here it is very often fires.

What do you think ?
Do you have other explanations?

Unlike many Western countries quickly and undertake heavy fighting means to fight against forest fires, service Thai firefighters do not often use to fight mountain’s fires.
The first reason is probably that the mountains are arid uninhabited with no wildlife and not exploited.
Often fires are extinguished itself without taking large-scale …
I wanted to explain here the strong contrast in reactions from different countries … There is no criticism in my intention.

I also want to demonstrate the utility of the drone fly over here to dangerous areas inaccessible to man quickly and above all for a very low blow and without exposing people to danger …

Here I used my little racing quadcopter ZMR250 equipped with an HD runcam and simple video transmitter 600mw all at a lower cost is $ 300
It took me less than 3 minutes to be at the altitude of the summit, completely impractical on foot.

It remains only to invent wholesale carrier drones water to extinguish as do the Canadair future fires …

Thank you for your ideas and comments …

Mountain location : Tambon Chong Sadao, Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi
Chang Wat Kanchanaburi 71190

sam roi yot