The Atlantic Road Atlanterhavsveien. Norwey

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Atlanterhavsveien, winding its way through islands and scarries over the open ocean, forms a dramatic link between land, sea and sky. The bridges which comprise Atlantehavsveien, connect the island community of Averøy with mainland Eide and are widely reknown. In 2005 the Norwegian people voted Atlanterhavsveien as «Norway’s Construction of the Century». The unique marriage of road with nature has also been the main attraction in several advertisements. For centuries this region has played an important role as a meeting place between north and south and as the country’s breadbasket with hoards of fish in the sea and the rich farming fields on land. Håholmen has been a thriving fishing village and central meeting place. The rock islands here were ideal for the drying of salted cod captured off this coast and provided a safe haven from the wild Hustavika archipelago which has claimed many lives. Today, Atlanterhavsveien is nature’s playground where you can fish, hike, or just listen to the waves sing. Along the road you’ll find resting areas where you can enjoy your own picnic and restaurants where you can enjoy a traditional Norwegian meal. Park your car and explore the islands by foot or by bike. But don’t forget your camera! White-tailed sea eagles, herons, seals and porpoises can be spotted here. From Strømsholmen, divers can look forward to strong currents thriving with sealife in these world-reknown waters. Enjoy guided fishing trips, skipping stones, or just watching the sun setting into the sea. In warm sunshine or in raging storms, Atlanterhavsveien has something for everyone.
Malmefjorden. Norway
The Atlantic Road Atlanterhavsveien. Norwey