The BEST Drone For YouTube Creators – Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Skycontroller

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The BEST Drone For YouTube Creators - Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Skycontroller
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The parrot bebop 2 FPV skycontroller is by far the best drone for youtube creators. Price, quality, ease of use, takes a beating and super portable and not bulky ...

River glacier

  1. I sold my phantom 3 standard last winter after too many software problems crashing etc, and now no fly zones, and plus the fact you can't fly dji drones when the temps fall bellow 32F and I live in a state where the temp does not go above 32F for months in the winter! I bought a bebop 2 and have been very happy with it. With parrots software improvements The video is as good as any of the dji s 1080p video. And djis video wasn't perfect either. I have plenty noisy video from my phantom standards and advance… Plus you can buy the setup in the video for as little as 300.00 us now

  2. Thanks for this. So long as you can get over the 'toy' name, I think it's a winner. BTW, I think you mean the DJI MAVIC. It's now Jan 2018 and the US Military have grounded all DJI products. The flimsy gimbals, of the P4 series and MAVIC seem to be easily broken resulting in very expensive doorstops. I learned to fly in a C-152 (1995) & now I fly for a living in 'big stuff'. Similarly I think I'll learn to fly a sUAS using something like this, before I progress, again, to 'bigger stuff' (P4P, Inspire, etc.). From watching all these videos, people seem to equate their 'flying skills' with their spending power. Ummm… no.

  3. I've had the bebop 2 for about 7 months now, I also have the DJI Spark,Mavic Pro and Phantom 3 standard, the bebop is an excellent entry level quad and deals with high winds better than my DJI quads, love them all though and try to fly them all as much as I can. The Bebop 2 is worth every penny, great quad to learn with 🙂

  4. It's a piece of shit,.. the goggles suck ass, they need YOUR phone and are uncomfortable and NO adjustment what so ever, light leaks like a can get the same kind of goggles for about 10 bucks. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! get a good quality quad… like the DJI Phantom 3 or DJI Spark.. head and shoulders above the bebop………..

  5. Way to go ! I am flying R.C. heli's, Plane's, and drones for over 10 years. Had my XK380 do a fly-a-way on a 2 mile mission and lost her, which happens to the best of us. BB2 what a drone. Getting my one this weekend.

  6. Great review dude!!! I pre-ordered a DJi Spark to take to Norway with me next week…they have failed to deliver so I'm now sat waiting for the delivery of a Bebop 2 FPV today. Think I've made the right choice!!!

  7. I bought one… it sucks! and the battery wound not charge properly. there is a reason they dropped the price from $700 to $500. best buy didn't want to take it back. went to a different bestbuy and was able to return it.

  8. Hi, thank you for that quick video recommendation. I just bought jet ski for my birthday and wanted to record some great fun. As far as price goes I managed to get brand new bebop 2 with FPV and sky controller 2 bundle from eBay £400 awesome price. Hope to get great time with my toys.

  9. it's not the best drone I lost mine already flying over water I have another one and I don't fly over water no more so it's not trustworthy it just too much for what it is

  10. Video quality is bad, low dinamic range, crosswind makes the footage stabilization choppy, really robust and repairable at home (my bebop wnt trough 6 rotor blades, one lower body cross, one main central body and one camera. But the software is buggy! mine crashed when the sky controller froze and it started banking like I was pullin the side stick. Best option is to turn off the controller and let the drone hover or compensate actively the automatic unbalance. I will sell mine and get a phantom 3 standard. Cheap, better image quality and in uruguay it has an official store

  11. I usually get 1.8 miles distance with my bebop 2 fpv and also have the mavic but believe me bebop is more practical and durable also it is easily repairable which makes it my favorite drone also the video quality is decent and the flight plan is a charm. for all who say it is a toy or the video is garbage, I would suggest you to improve your shooting skills and master this hobby and then for sure you will be satisfied with bebops video quality.