The Big Circle, Central of Palangka Raya city

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Roundabout Great Palangkaraya. Obsession Ir. Sukarno to make the city of Palangkaraya as the national capital is actually the desire that has been planned. A number of buildings that are now becoming a symbol of the "City Beautiful" is a witness to the history of the wishes of the Proclaimers.

One of the historic buildings and loaded philosophy created in the early days of establishment of Palangkaraya it was Roundabout Great, Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. Roundabout Great location being right in the heart of the City Beautiful, precisely in front of the Central Kalimantan Governor Functional House, next to the parliament building that is now changed into KONI building, just in front of the Business Center Building Rod Crisp and Palangkaraya Mall.

Not many are aware that the existence of other buildings in the area around the Great Circle Palangkaraya has a meaning of its own. Functional House Governor of Central Kalimantan is a symbol of Government, the Parliament Building as a symbol of Voice of the People, the Business Center Building Rod Crisp is symbolization Wheels Economic and Palangkaraya form of symbolization Entertainment Mall People.
Large roundabouts were built in 1957-1959 has a unique design and rich in meaning. In the surrounding area of ​​the city of Palangkaraya roundabout there is a monument with a statue composition troops, civilian women and men, dragon and hornbill.

In a book entitled Wijanarka work Sukarno and Design Capital Plan RI in Palangkaraya published in 2006 noted there were eight road crossing towards the monument of the roundabout, the roundabout radius measuring 2 x 45 meters. While the radius of the circumference of the monument measuring 17 meters.

The concept clearly illustrates the traffic circle is a symbol of the Great Date, Month and Year of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Eight cross the street also has two meanings that symbolize position Palangkaraya City at the junction of eight clump of islands namely Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Maluku, Kalimantan, Nusa Tenggara and Irian Jaya, and also a symbol of the eight major rivers in Central Kalimantan, namely Barito, Kapuas , Katingan, Mentaya, Seruyan, Kahayan, Arut and Lamandau.
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