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The face of abandonment… Kalami village in Creta.

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It could be a village of embattled Syrian residents of the left in one night to save.
A populous beautiful village residents of the given up.
Open doors and windows in homes with corpses scattered objects on the floors, between ragged clothes, notebooks with unfinished notes, dishes and glasses in their pockets ready to be reused. But above all, the smell of abandonment and melancholy for village decades ago was full of life.
This is the image that faces whoever found 80 kilometers east of Heraklion near Ano Viannos village Kalami. A village set in magnificent scenery, next to mountains, rivers and dense vegetation, and really makes you wonder why they left deserted.

Over one hundred and fifty were the families and six hundred and some residents Kalami before desertification in the mid 70s that people gradually came down to the South coast, looking for a better life in Psari Forada and Arvi and thermoskopikes crops some fled to urban centers.
Today the village remains as perhaps the most characteristic monument of rural exodus and has eight permanent elderly residents …
Filmmaker : sarantos nikos / sa********@gm***.com

Ayios Sozomenos Nicosia cyprus