The Great Barrier

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The Great Barrier, the difference between safe and dangerous. The barrier breaks the strong waves that hits the beach, protecting the people behind it. The barrier also helps keep the people from going beyond it and touching the reef that hides from human hands.

The barrier goes both ways. Protects, and Safeguards

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  1. SIDE NOTE: Dronestagram could not display the image correctly at the full size, so I added a white frame on the sides of the image to maintain the images’ composition. The original size is still displayed

    • Thank you for the complement. By default Dronestagram crops vertical images to 1200×800. You can use this same proportion to your image. What you can do is constraint the proportion and match the height to your image. Then try and center your photo inside the frame. You will have a white frame on both sides but you get to keep the proportions intact. Happy posting!

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