The Seabird – Drone Flight over Ballota Point (Tagle Suances Cantabria)/Punta Ballota vista de drone

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The Seabird Drone flying over Ballota Point (Suances, Cantabria). Paisajes de España. Drones from Spain Stunning footage shot entirely In Ballota Point on a DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone. Increíbles imágenes tomadas enteramente en el Punta Ballota Tagle-Saunces Cantabria desde un dron DJI Phantom 3 Pro..Edit in IMovie. Music -The Seabird by Bill Whelan perfomed by Eleanor McEvoy see Please note that I have no claim to the copyright of this track and use it here without making any ad revenue. See other site in and
Beautiful Spain by Drone /España hermosa al vuelo de dron
Drone flight over Deva River (Unquera, Cantabria)/ Rio Deva a vista de Dron Highlander Brown