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A Trojan Horse like the one that Odysseus inspired to conquer Troy of the Ancient Greeks, was built and is still on Crete for a while.
Surprising is the impressiveness and awe of those who find themselves in front of the imposing modern Trojan horse that is over 13 meters in height, made entirely of wood like the one made by the Ancient Greeks.
It has a cache inside but this time the "warriors" will not hide there, but they will fight with modern bows and swords, the lasers to reach the final victory that is the conquest of the beautiful Helen.
The inspirer and creator of the unique, equal in the world revival of the Trojan War with the Trojan Troop, Panos Makridis, gives the opportunity to hundreds of Greeks and foreigners to travel in time and to get a strong taste of Greek mythology through the activities and Play at '' Labyrinth Park '' a few kilometers outside the Heraklion Peninsula.
filmmaker: sarantos nikos