This Under Water Drone Conquers the Ocean… in 4K!

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This Under Water Drone Conquers the Ocean... in 4K!
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Get more info (and buy a PowerRay) HERE: Explore the ocean with this NEW under-water Drone called the ...

Rethymnon, Crete
Aerial view of the country side

  1. I own one, and wonder why no one talk about the dealbreakers in this drone… like its a chapter of its own getting startet, like that it disconnects with the app a lot, and it's so frustrating. And that you have to visit the powervision website to download your videos and photos, instead of just having a cable plug in the basestation that you can connect with your computer and download it from there. And that the SD card sits in the actual drone, and if it crashes, the whole drone is useless, and card failure is pretty common in the photography world :-/

  2. what i find the most interesting is the fact that you pretty much stole joe rogans name. i figured you did this because if someone wanted to look him up "because he has millions and millions of followers" and you wanted people to find you instead.

  3. somehow this just ruins the mystery of the sea dude i mean dont get me wrong i love drones and shit
    but why the hack would i want to go diving or snurkling now cause obviousely this thing is allot more… effective

  4. Were you ever worried about nocking over the statues and they all tumbled over like Dominos LOL! Try explaining that when their all laying on their sides,LOL.
    You did a fantastic job on this video and it helped me out a lot.
    I have been thinking about buying one but I’m on the fence. I live in New York and we have all lakes so we don’t have crystal clear water like you did your video in,not sure how it would preform in darker waters and how it would maneuver around weeds or seaweed. If you ran into a bed of weeds or seaweed would you be able to power out of the weeds or are you stuck?
    Hopefully you might know the answers so I don’t lose a drone underwater. I don’t think that I would try steering it into weeds to see how it would handle.
    I have a chance to buy one at a Fantastic price but is it one of those toys that once you buy it a year goes by and the price drops because they developed better Technology and the first version like the PowerRay price falls through the floor?
    I have 12 DJI Drones and they come out with a New version every year and it drives the price down on used drones.
    I have picked up drones that people flew only a few times and end up selling them for a quarter of what they paid for it New and also have extra parts and batteries with them.
    So maybe you might know where they are on developing underwater drones and how soon till the next version comes out. Thank You for producing this great video to walk us through this amazing drone! You did a great job!!

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  6. Since it uses RJ45 copper Ethernet cables, which has a limited range of around 300 ft, you can get rid of the copper cable and replace it with single-mode fiber, which btw can stretch up to 30 miles without a repeater if your end-to-end lasers are powerful enough. Also, if you can take those plastic caps and cast them into aluminum, you could probably double or triple your depth. I'd use the copper Ethernet for power because you can send 48 volts over Ethernet twisted pair wires called Power Over Ethernet (POE) and I'd used the fiber for data storage, however POE only has a limited range of 328 ft. Have 8x4TB SSDs stored in a NAS that has a 10Gbps SFP+ fiber NIC on the boat then set it to live stream recording in 4K or 8K footage through fiber on the PowerRay.