Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi, Thailand

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The Tiger Cave Temple is reached after a very steep hike of 1,178 steps, in 85 degree, 95 percent humidity weather near the equator. The worst part, however, are the gangs of monkeys that try to steal your water and food as you hike past them. I always (well, almost always) ask permission before I fly, so I chatted with the concessionaire, and she said it was fine if I flew so long as I gave her a copy of the footage. We discussed the radio antennas and she shrugged her shoulders – it was my drone and my risk, she just wanted a copy if I brought back any footage. Deal done, I hiked, survived the monkeys, and will always remember the feeling of watching my drone step off the 800 foot cliff, with 10 miles of rainforest in most directions. I kept a tight reign on the controls, but it was still pretty white-knuckle flying.

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