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Tisza lake boats

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Tisza lake boats
The main building is surrounded by a leisure park on 7 hectares: this part of the complex is not only a Zoo with such indigenous animals like golden jackals, traditional Hungarian sheep types, storks, cormorants or pelicans but it is a kind of an amusement park with many facilities for families and kids incl. playing grounds, one of them offering an opportunity for funny rafting on wooden boats. Walking around this leisure garden you will soon find yourself in the 19 century for a while: the Poroszló local museum with its collection of rural items, a display of old fishing tools as well as a traditional poultry run will help you to imagine the rural life in Poroszló in the old times.

A small pier on the Lake right next to Ecocenter provides a starting point for romantic shiptours. You may from here take off for a boat tour supported by GPS navigation: the choice is yours, 12 different tour routes are available at a reasonable price.

Way in a flooded countryside
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