Townsville, Australia – 4K Drone Video!

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Townsville, Australia - 4K Drone Video!

A short project showing some of the different locations around my home town of Townsville, Australia. Since this was my first project with a drone and I’ve only …


49 comments on “Townsville, Australia – 4K Drone Video!

  1. Hopefully some taller buildings will be added to the skyline soon! Townsville is a great city and its great to see its economy picking up. More Sydneysiders are considering moving here and that is great news.

  2. Hey! My name is Peyton Parrish and I am a country singer based out of Northern Arizona! I have a music video set to premiere on April 24th, and I would love to have permission to use this footage! I'll give you full credit in the music video and also add all your links to the video so everyone can locate your channels! Hope to have you aboard and if this is something you can't grant than I totally understand and wish you the best! Cheers🤘

  3. Townsville a true aussie shit hole the drones failed to show the truth you should never stay at the sugar shaker as outside in the bulletin square you will be accosted 24 7 by drunk brawling begging foul mouth aboriginals the square is stinking permanently of urine and shit every second shop is permanently closed the ones that continue to trade are boring and severly overpriced as is all of Townsville eaterys examples are muffin and coffee $14 sandwiches $6 the aquarium and museums are dear to get into and second rate all tour sites overated and fucking dear the city and its streets and parks are dirty and unkept the people are rude and anti foreign the night life is a drug and booze induced war zone unsafe for you the city is dead during the day and close at 5 ish to become dormant the strand is lovely for one walk all visitors one piece of advice whether your on a train plane bus car don't get off head to cairns or airilie give Townsville a wide berth this place is a boring overpriced rude smelly aboriginal run cesspit

  4. Townsville is so special to me.

    I was there only for a few days passing through to Tennant Creek with the Greyhound bus, as I placed my backpack in a locker in the terminal I forgot the terminal closed at 6:00pm or something. and my bus went to Tennant creek at 6:20pm.

    I went to work on the farm there without my bag without my stuff for 3.5 weeks 😀 fuck.

    After 3.5 weeks the backpack came to the farm.

    Crazy! after I got back from working long hours at the farm and I came back to townsville after a 1.5month, it felt sooooo good, Sea, boats, sun.

    Grab a coffee at the beach and such:) and then with the Greyhound back to Cairns obviously:D

  5. Amazing James! Greetings from China. It's a great pleasure to watch your first "video". Congratulations! I'm wondering how you did color adjustment, also using Premiere for color adjustments? Could you make a tutorial about coloring a video in the future? Thank you xD Keep moving!

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