Unique natural area Los Estoraques

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The natural area is characterized by a desert landscape, consisting mainly of weathered crystalline rocks with a morphology like columns and torrential cones, due to the accelerated natural processes of water erosion. The soils have a low support capacity and are classified as cohesive and frictional, with low cut resistance. The park has an important natural offer. It’s a rocky structure of 6 kilometers formed by nature where there are many caves. In addition, in the park you can enjoy activities such as hiking and aerial cable launch with harness. The tourists who visit it can also observe a colonial architecture by the town that still conserves it in its houses and streets. The fauna that is conserved in Los Estoraques is also unique. There you can see birds such as the carriqui, the American kestrel, the cattle herd, the red-headed bear, the Brazilian rabbit, the puma yaguarundi and the dog fox, among other species.
Glass towers
Farol de Felgueiras