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Upper Dewey Lake – DJI Phantom 4 (4k)

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After a long hike to Upper Lake in Skagway, Alaska, I had the chance to fly my drone for 30 minutes because I was running out of battery of my phone, and all shots were made in manual mode. I believe this is the first aerial footage from Upper Dewey Lake.
I went all the way up, with the drone in my backpack, on a 2h30m hike, it was not easy but completely worth it.
Upper Dewey Lake is magical, we were lucky enough to enjoy it with a beautiful and sunny day, and the ice wasn’t fully melted. Believe it or not, I still found some time to quickly jump into that freezing water!
This video was filmed with my Phantom 4 in 4k resolution, manual mode. I edited in one day, with Premiere Pro (that I got 7 days trial for free).
Hope you enjoy it!
Instagram: @nielmolina
Music: Scott Bukley – Theory of Machines

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