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Val di Funes, Alto Adige, Italy

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The church of San Giovanni in Ranui was made famous
its unforgettable restful location . this
Baroque building was commissioned by Michael von Jenner in 1744 .

The altarpiece was painted by Franz Unterberger and depicts Mary on a throne with baby Jesus in her lap, and John of Nepomuk , who as a sign of his discretion shows her tongue .

On the inner walls nine baroque paintings tell of the life of John . They were painted in the mid-18th century, probably by the court painter of Brixen Nikolaus Weis .

The onion dome of copper holds a star that refers to the martyrdom of John , who was thrown into the river Vltava , and the fact that a star-shaped garland led to the discovery of his corpse .

Pont del Petroli