We Hired An Underwater Drone Operator To Inspect Chicago’s Trump Tower (HBO)

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We Hired An Underwater Drone Operator To Inspect Chicago's Trump Tower (HBO)

The Chicago river isn’t known for its fish — quite the opposite. It was once a dumping ground for everything from industrial waste in the early 20th century, to 800 …


44 comments on “We Hired An Underwater Drone Operator To Inspect Chicago’s Trump Tower (HBO)

  1. Hey VICE, the water goes in and comes back out. Doesn't drain that swamp at all. No chemicals were used in the making of the chilled water. Exactly what constitutes compliance? Who is the #1 offender? POOR STORY WITH NO DATA

  2. I like this interviewer, she’s got it down.
    Not asking biased and/or questions that are loaded.
    I hope the interviewer keeps up the hard work and doesn’t bend when pressure is applied.
    Truth is better than any paycheck

  3. Ah-huh, environmentalists, fashist soros subsided communists socialists…. Trump tower takes water and does what with it? Makes it disappear? What precisely are you implying? That then Mr Trump had ordered an engineer to design the bulding with excessive use of water? Really? You're must be insane. If anything – an engineer and whoever approved and signed the building in to use should answer the questions. Unless someone hilds an evidence that Mr. Trump had requested excessive water use building. And again – excessive use of water is a personal opinion of some social justice psycho who has nothing better to do then beung a pupped to emefer soros.

  4. Police shows up quickly to protect Trump tower interests. That shows that Government is in bed with private industry and voting is a waste of time since they all represent the lobbyists paid by corporations.

  5. ''technically''…
    Once Vice was good, worth looking at.. Now, it's just as garbage as the rest, meaning you have change direction completly and focusing on what the people WANTS to see, instead of showing the audience something new, that we didn't know we really wanted to see!

    I don't care for Trump or the US politics, i'm just fed up with this garbage, you're just like the rest now.. Shame..

  6. Nobody cares except these idiots. What's the benefit of stocking a river that runs through an inner city with fish anyway? maybe they should thank Trump Tower for filtering the water and returning it to the river cleaner than when they took it out. I wonder how diligently they pursued Dave Matthews when he polluted the river. And stop acting like you're all about protecting the poor fish when we all know this is because of whose name is on that building.

  7. The credibility of this story is gone as soon as the host is shown. She clearly has an agenda and I doubt the fish is even her concern. You're all just trying to find dirt on Trump in order to make tomorrows headlines. I used to enjoy your stories, VICE. I'm not totally dismissing you as a news outlet, but this story made you look more like a politically driven left-wing based channel.

  8. Trump dont give a shit about anyone or anything but himself . he kills wildlfebirds fish ………… he put bird killing razor wire on our borders he breaks laws takes children from parents cheats people This guy is a heartless selfcenterd monster!!!

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