XIAOMI MI Drone vs DJI Phantom 4 Pro – KEN HERON

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XIAOMI MI Drone vs DJI Phantom 4 Pro - KEN HERON
© All rights reserved - by Ken Heron

Touted as "The Phantom Killer", the XIAOMI MI Drone steps up to the plate to challenge the king of all consumer drones. Get a big discount on XIAOMI Mi Drone ...

Marina Bay by Night
The Land God Made in Anger

  1. Most subjective comparison of the Xiaomi vs Phantom vids out there…you can hear his voice quivering…oh no! nothing beats my Phantom! Didn't even bother to set any controls beyond beginner mode which limits you to 3 flights before making changes..so he didn't even read the controls on screen, but you can bet his baby, 'The Phantom 4' has been set for pro controls…crappy comparison video…other comparison vids have the Xiaomi distance out to 5 miles or more…The Xiaomi is a phantom killer…just not for this guy…who's in love with (and MARRIED) to his Phantom…pretty much every other review vid of the Xiaomi is a million times better than his video…skip this video, and don't pay it no mind…

  2. His two cents… 😂 while your choice of drones reflects that two cents is a lot money to you, the Phantom is a far more capable and quality machine. Don’t be that kid that swears his Walmart cloths are as hip/comfortable as designer threads. Tfoh 😂

  3. Love the video! I legit was flying my DJI drone in this big open area and at like 300 ft in the air it stopped responding and fell perfectly level until it hit the ground destroying the gymbo camera and the landing supports. i sent it to dji and they refused to fix it cuz it registered a collision. I responded nicely and asked them to look up the gps coordinates to prove there inst a single thing it would have hit. outside of birds but there were none. so now i have a partially working drone no camera ans no money to fix. DJI costumer service was terrible. Ill never buy a product from them, simply because of the customer service. Had it been something i did i would have taken are of it. They treated my very poorly. Ive been into hobbies such as this my whole life

  4. I'd be interested to see if Ken revisits the Xiaomi drone review after little more time spent with it. Some of the cons / complaints of the drone are purely due to user / set up error.
    The complaint of range is purely the default app restriction of 500m which is easily adjusted (refer to 7:57 in the video which shows the distance at 499m) and the complaint of the lack of horizontal speed may be due to the 10m/s default setting in the app (although the footage shows Ken maxing out at only 8m/s) which is, again, easily adjusted up to 16m/s.

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  6. Well considering that the price is 1/3 Id say for that price its a total win
    Also you didnt even bother checking settings meaning that the range could have been severely limited and same with speed since it could have been in cruise mode and not race mode or something.
    Xiaomi has many settings Ive seen it on thier vacuum cleaners. Hell I can manualy drive it around if I want… SO Im pretty sure you missed many good features in settings