Alkali, Nevada

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Alkali near Goldfield, Nevada was a small early 1900s era community with several houses, a saloon and a community pool. The Joe Guisti family operated the springs as a spa during Goldfield’s heyday that included a large building and an indoor wooden swimming pool. Most everything was lost to a fire decades ago.

The waters from the springs at Alkali originally rose at several small seeps, but the Combination Mines Company drove a 40-foot adit into the slope to concentrate the flow into a single channel. The water was pumped to the Combination Mill at Goldfield, located about 10 miles southeast. In 1907, the temperature at the face in the adit was 140°F

The upwelling zone is covered with orange algae and juniper bushes with no detectable sulfur smell. The hot spring source is beneath the defunct powerhouse building, 100m south of the spring. There is now major doming of the building foundation and the concrete is buckled upward.
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