DJi Phantom 4 Pro+ vs. Inspire Pro vs. Mavic Pro in 4K

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DJi Phantom 4 Pro+ vs. Inspire Pro vs. Mavic Pro in 4K
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Phantom 4 Pro+ (with fancy new controller) DJi Mavic (little drone) DJi Inspire 1 Pro BIG ...

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  1. Good video…good info. But what's with the sun glasses indoors? So lame…sorry, sunglasses won't make you look cool. Any do you have any idea what a slob you look like? Even your office looks like trailer trash. Even your sunglasses are filthy…wtf?

  2. My favorate camera is when in focus the mavic pro… I like the darker look to the more bright image on the inspire, now I'm sure it's way better in low light but then why not do what samsung did and give it a mechanical aptiture?

  3. Sorry, please advise, bro … I want to buy dron but still confused … choose it …. 1. MJX BUGS 5 2.JJRPRO 5 EPIK 3. MJX BUGS 2 W 4. GPS TOYS X16 5.WL TOYS Q333A 6. MJX 3 PRO C 600 What do you think, bro? According to the sample, who has long since traveled to the world of dron ?! and from all the names of the dron which are the farthest and longest in the range and length of flight !!!!
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