New US Drone Fighter Catapulted From Aircraft Carrier: Northrop Grumman’s X-47B

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New US Drone Fighter Catapulted From Aircraft Carrier: Northrop Grumman's X-47B
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Awesome Archive Video of the The Northrop Grumman X-47B during several test aboard aicraft carrier and on ground. The X-47B is a UCAV prototype currently ...

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  1. Fantastic Aircraft. As a former Aerospace Engineer, I totally appreciate the high technology this aircraft represents. I assure you that Russia and China cannot even come close to duplicating this technology, not even if they capture one of them or steal the design. They don't have the technological base to duplicate the electronics, sensors, and software that make this marvel possible. Without all that, it is just a sleek paperweight.

  2. Did they call Iran before they launched it so they could hijack this one too?
    Thanks Peter Strozk! Thanks William Priestap!
    If you had been doing your f'ing jobs vs. attempting to rig our elections, maybe the Iranians wouldn't have our stealth drone technology!

  3. Right in our face…I've seen this exact craft back in 1982..minus the wing tips ..and the jet was hovering in a corn field right beside the road..I was literly15 feet away from it…it was gunmetal grey and had a silent soft blue flame directly under it when it shot straight up …then hovers high up while avoiding the military chopper that came flying in about 10 feet off the ground with no was about 10 or 11 pm on a winter night..the snow lit up the night ..the craft had a big spot light on the front and under the nose….it hovers about 5 feet off the ground for a few minutes and set off a red and blue. And white strobes then went dark hovers up to tree tops then a beam if light came out as it searched the tree killed the light then shot upward revealing the blue gas flames..