FPV for science !!!

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A while back, Germany\'s second largest research center (DESY) has asked me to make a promotion video for their Open Lab Day and specifically requested drone footage. Needless to say that I happily made this wish come true! (check out the actual promo video at www.desy.de/desyday ).

The shooting was super exciting - and very thrilling! My fingers were particularly shaky whenever I was flying close to all that custom made scientific gear which is literally worth millions of Euros. But, I can gladly announce that I did not crash a single time and that no scientists were harmed in the making of this video.

Finally I have found some time to also make this video here, just for my own viewers! It is a different version featuring more stuff than the released promo version.
Autumn in Poland | Bieszczady
Autumn in Poland | Bieszczady