Gallipoli: Drone video of WWI battlefield – BBC News

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Gallipoli: Drone video of WWI battlefield - BBC News
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The BBC News drone was flown over the Gallipoli peninsula to capture the historic sites where so many died. Friday marks the start of commemorations around ...

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  1. I just got done watching program on Netflix about this campaign. Some pretty horrific living conditions amist brutal fighting. Watching the drone footage, can't help but to wonder how many bodies are still there undiscovered, likely never will be.

  2. Why do people call them “heroes”? These people were idiots. Worse: they were criminal idiots.

    As an Australian, I was brainwashed with this Anzac shit all during my youth.

    It was only when I grew up that I thought: “Hang on. These guys weren’t defending Australia. They weren’t even defending Britain. They were on the other side of the world, attacking people who had never attacked, nor offered to attack Britain, let alone Australia; and even if they had, what chance did Turkey have of attacking Britain? And if the Anzacs had succeeded, they would have destroyed the lives and homes of the people they were attacking.”

    We need to grow up.

    We have all been subjected to compulsory brainwashing by the State.

    How obvious does its criminality have to be, before you will stop blindly worshipping and reverencing it?

    These scenes should turn your stomach, not inspire mystical reverence and blind devotion for government; that’s what you’re doing every time you talk about these people as heroes.

  3. My great uncle was in the first group to land. After three days of fighting he came down with severe pneumonia. He died on a hospital ship on the way back to Egypt. My grandmother lost many friends to ww1 and it basically gutted the community she grew up in. Everyone lost brothers, fathers and sons and she lost her suitor.
    I have all of her letters and cards from her friends and family to her (1890's – 1950's) and the difference is noticeable in them. All of the joy and community warmth just disappears after the war.

  4. gallipoli: dont mess with Turks… "if two jews come together, they will establish a company.. if two Turks come together, they will establish a country." so the message: Turks will take back their lands from europe.

  5. gallipoli campaign is my favourite study in the history of world war I. want to visit gallipoli. my tribute to all the heroes of gallipoli who died on there. turks, british, anzac, indian etc. my tribute to the great worrior kamal ataturk who lead the turks to a glorious victory.

  6. Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives… You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours. You, the mothers who sent their sons from faraway countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.

  7. They should have had greater intelligence to inform them of the excellent defensive positions the Ottoman's held and used to devastate the Allies. Attacking those mountains and ridges must have been an absolute nightmare. Good machine gun positions and artillery batteries on those hills could waste the Allies all day. Calling it the "Soft underbelly of Europe" was a mistake, it was much more like the tight, impenetrable anus of Europe.

  8. The arrogant British, as usual tried to destroy a people not wanting to fight. They, along with so many allies got decimated. Never underestimate the Turkish people or any people. You head might be handed to you!

  9. It's clip about Gallipoli but some Armenians still try to blame my grandfathers about Lie Armenian Genocide. You know what? Armenians are traitors, Ottoman's call them as "Loyal People" but the trait us and kill many of Turkis civilian on Kars, Erzincan, Erzurum and other East Anatolian cities. So Turkis goverment send them to the Arabic places. Sure some Armenians died on the road it is not genocide it is very normal on that times. (Fact; not every Armenians send to the Arabia, many of them stays in Anatolia and İstanbul.) Firt Armenian Prime Minister Mr.Hovhannes Kajaznuni says about genocide; " The second half of 1915 and the entire year of 1916 were periods of hopelessness, desperation and mourning for us. The refugees, all those who had survived theholocaust, were filling Russian provinces by tens and hundreds of thousands." He accepted the "Turks do not kill us." (Fact 2; Turkish general Kazım Karabekir, who save the Kars two times (From Russians and then Armenians), after the Turkish War Of Indepence he build a school for orphan Armenian childrens and give them a good life change on Turkey.) So you still think it is a genocide? You have to face with your black history Armenia! You may can trick the Europeans but we know your crimes in Anatolia!

  10. Recognize the TURKISH GENOCIDE, 1822-1923.

    From Greek "independence" in the Morea, which was achieved after a British/French fleet defeated an Egyptian fleet (but all you keyboard nationalists keep thinking it was some popular Greek revolt against "Turks"), in the aftermath of which the centuries-old Turkish-Muslim (including Muslim Greeks, Albanians, etc) population of the Morea was annihilated overnight, to the formation of Armenian "Revoultionary" Armies (Dashnaks and Hunchaks) in the 1870s, which were responsible for the mass-murder and torture of at least 1 million, almost certainly 2 million Muslims until Turkish independence in 1923, to the Azerbaijani Genocide in Karabakh in the 1990s, Turks have been slaughtered, dispossessed, massacred, annihilated, and deported in Cyprus, in Greece, in Anatolia, in the Caucuses, Bulgaria, Iraq, Serbia, the list goes on.

    We're talking about millions of people over a period of over a hundred years who were systematically annihilated whenever a non-Muslim population declared itself sovereign over what was always MULTIETHNIC and MUTLI-RELIGIOUS terriory. The homogeneity of places like Armenia and Serbia today are testimony to the REAL genocide that DID take place following the rise of Orthodox-Christian nationalisms.

    However, the Western world continues to ignore this reality while propagating a non-existant "Armenian Genocide" which, if nothing else, is mathematically impossible. And the fallacy of this construction is proven by the fact of the existence of its adherents: if there was a genocide, where did all of you millions of Armenians come from? You all claim Turkey as your "ancestral land", yet there were 1.2 million Armenians in Turkey in 1912 and if 1.5 million Armenians died in 1915, tell me, where the HELL did you come from???

  11. What were these commanders thinking? Didn't they have topographic maps? How could they expect to overcome those hills? My dad, who was at Omaha Beach said the most profound thing, " I will never understand how so few could send so many knowingly to their deaths!!!" I always thought adrenalin was the worst drug bodies make, but now I think it is ego! Why wasn't this Churchills downfall?

  12. The BBC News #drone was flown over the #Gallipoli peninsula to capture the historic sites where so many died. The forces of the Ottoman Empire repelled an attack from the British Army, soldiers from Commonwealth countries including Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada, and France. Between April 1915 and the Allied withdrawal in January 1916, more than 140,000 men were killed on the two sides. #Gallipoli100