INSTANTLY improve your DRONE landscape photography | DJI mavic

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INSTANTLY improve your DRONE landscape photography | DJI mavic
© All rights reserved - by Nigel Danson

In this video I share some awesome tips and techniques as a landscape photographer to get better shots with your drone. The DJI Mavic is an awesome drone ...

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  1. well presented and makes a change to hear a English person as the americans are very fast talkers, I have the mavic air and learnt a lot from your video many thanks john

  2. Hi Nigel… I am very happy your video popped out of nowhere… you have brilliant eye and I found so many similarities in your style comparing to mine.. lol.. meaning I understand completely what you are talking about. I have very similar view. I just few my spark first time ever… and I am now totally hooked. I want to try more photography with it… after 13 years taking of photos on the ground it is time to take it to new levels.. heights… :):):) keep up the great works. Your photos are STUNNING..

  3. Question: Do you use an ND filter when you shoot photos? Without an ND I'm shooting 1/1000 shutter at f4.5 on my Mavic 2 Pro. I'm a videographer, not a photographer, so I'm not sure if 1/1000 shutter is bad form or not. Thanks

  4. Once again thanks for your tutorials and videos. I continually watch them for help with becoming a better cinematographer with my DJI Inspire 2. Next I’ll be getting the Mavic 2 Pro for some easier portability than my Inspire 2. Although it’s a great shooting platform for videos and pictures it’s just too big to get to some of the places I go. Thanks again 😊👍
    What version of Lightroom do you recommend for editing?