Heart in Maranatha School, Ambrym, Vanuatu

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After cyclone PAM, I decided to help my dear friends of Vanuatu. You see here a very remote place on Ambrym island where you can access only after more than a hour of walk from last village.
This island is dominated by one of the most active volcano on earth and their inhabitants have to live with its whims...
These buildings are the strongest one and didn't colapse during cyclone PAM, helping inhabitants to protect themself but if you look well, you can see that smallest one did not resist to devastating wind...
During my visit of this village, children and their teachers decided to create this heart to thanks all the people which gave me money to buy first aid and bring it to them.
One of the most emotional moment of my trip! Thanks to them!
Fali Village, Ambrym, Vanuatu
Modelcity, Budapest