Parrot BEBOP 2 FPV – Official Video

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Parrot BEBOP 2 FPV - Official Video
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Parrot BEBOP 2 FPV, the absolute pack for the most immersive flying sensations Paired with the Parrot Skycontroller 2 and the Parrot Cockpitglasses, your ...

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  1. its looks like iphone no micro sd only 8 gb for full HD its kinda low this drone would be perfect with mirco sd at least 32 gb storage i dont ask 128 gb or 200 gb its have limited space i have another drone from other company with micro sd but i will buy this drone also but i am no impressed limited storage no good at all it force us to bring laptop with us to upload videos and pic to laptop or copy videos or pic from drone directly to your phone its Amazing i will buy it

  2. Już nie wierze w te reklamy .Bo rzeczywistość jest potem inna .
    Serwis nie jest zainteresowany naprawą i usunięciem szkody. W umowie gwarancyjnej pouczają, żeby Dron nie latał nad wodą, bo dobrze wiedzą że sa usterki w nawigacji dronem i z błędami w oprogramowaniu. Pomoc polega na pouczaniu byłego właściciela drona i oferowaniu zakupu kolejnego drona. Czyżby Parrot w ten sposób chciał się zwiększyć zyski sprzedając wadliwy produkt i oferując w ramach gwarancji zakup nowego.

    Kupujac Bepop 2 stajesz sie betatesterem produktu Parrot

  3. Si vous voulez je vend le mien à 450 euros en haut de seine avec
    skycontroller 2 amélioré
    8 hélices
    Valise de transports
    Deux batteries dont une de 35 min
    Pieds et antennes de rechanges

  4. i spent three days with this mini FPV Drone got it be four Christmas so i can play with it with my kids on the 25 Christmas day i had my Daughter and my 2 sons try the APP on three phone,s theSamsung Galaxy S8 two different iPhone and the lg not to say my cellphone
    im just sorry i wind-up buying extra batters , from this day on im going to post in every you tube Facebook and social media like a a madman you Rip me off when i did the review on the app it self you got over 70 percent negative review freeflight mini App

  5. Parrot can you answer my question please?
    I will buy the FPV pack. My questioin is, do i need an phone wich supports OTG?
    Ive got the Huawei p9 lite wich has no OTG 🙁
    Do somebody know if the skycontroller 2 works with the Huawei p9 lite?
    I buy it if I know it sure!

    Best Regards
    Leandro Ebner

  6. What a crock of shit… flying proximity with WiFi.. HAHAHAHA and the goggles are shit, NO adjustment what so ever, light leaks like a mofo,.. and who wants to burn up their phone with shitty goggles… HOW ABOUT SOME AIO's!! ? with 5.8ghz instead of the high latency wifi… this drone is crap, have seen sooo many complaints and everyone selling them after 1st or 2nd flight… LOL no thank you

  7. I want one! The price is right and it looks great. I read it is also easier for a beginner than other drones. What I'm afraid of is losing it right off. I think there is back-up that will return the drone home. Does anyone have information on that?

    Can anyone assuage my fear that we could lose the drone right from the start?

  8. Anyone intrested in buying a bebop 2 please ignore this video and any others showing the drone flying near water as this is false advertising, according to parrot customer services flying within 100m of water voids your warranty. BE WARNED.

  9. DJI and Parrot together would be awesome put the DJI inspire and the parrot Disco together in a plane that could start with Flying up i would Call it the Parrot inspire it would be awesome

  10. DJI and Parrot together would be awesome put the DJI inspire and the parrot Disco together in a plane that could start with Flying up i would Call it the Parrot inspire it would be awesome

  11. je le déconseille fortement je l'ai acheté il y a 3 semaines et après problème technique avec la manette donc je suis dans l'eau et refus de remboursement 500 € en l'air

  12. Joli, une marque française qui présente dans son propre spot pub ce qu'il ne faut surtout pas faire. Voler en immersion est interdit par la loi, seul le vol à vue est autorisé. celui qui porte le masque n'est donc pas celui qui pilote le drone.

  13. Wow I'd love to own one please parrot send me one I'm on dialysis for kidney failure had my pancreas gallbladder spleen appendix removed diabetic and more I can no longer work I'm very sick please!

  14. only 8GB to record..sorry Parrot, it's not worth it…you could have made it with microSD card expansion slot! I could have given it a shot but with 8GB..what can be recorded with 8GB…5 mins of flight time??? (I don't mind humongous SkyController 2 but the drone recording limitation plus some video quality made me pass your product!)

  15. Do not update 2 firelight pro wi fi issues.Alternative and get freefligh3 works perfect.How long it took to perfect freeflight3 and now freeflight pro too many wi fi issues

  16. #PARROT please fix the bugs on the new update to avoid flyaways and crashes, don't you realize that there is a lot of drones brands to choose?
    don't make your customers go to another drone company.
    And tell me why Parrot said that flying bebop 1/2 over water is not supported by Parrot warranty and here we go with another flying over water video.
    #PARROT please are you kidding us.
    sincerely a VERY SAD CUSTOMER