Religious hermitage of Ntro. Father Jesus Nazareno

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The religious hermitage is located in the hill of the lobera or the calvary, to the outskirts of the city. Its first building dates from 1580. The plant is of Latin cross and the altars are placed under arches of half a point. Special mention for its uniqueness in the province of Cordoba, both for the technique and the forms used, deserves the decoration of plasterwork that adorn the frieze, the pendentives of the dome and the dressing room of the Christ, of the late seventeenth century. Inside it keeps sizes among which we must highlight Ntro. Father Jesús Nazareno, Simón Cirineo and Virgen de los Dolores (all by Antonio Castillo Lastrucci) and a baroque cross of silver engraved for Christ. From the surroundings of the chapel you can enjoy beautiful views of the Bujalanceña countryside, being able to see even nearby towns.

The hermitage is accessed through a long and staggered road (according to some, ancient Roman road) in which you can admire a stone Stations of the Cross and that begins in the Parque de Jesús, at the foot of the hill. It is a park that in some areas retains its own image of the 20s, with centuries-old trees and which is the seat of the September Royal Fair.
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