SELJANDSFOSS waterfall Iceland

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Welcome to Iceland.
A rarely populated island is located near the top of the world. It is a huge volcanic laboratory in which powerful forces form the earth: geysers blizzard, blizzard bubbles, icebergs use in refreshing water, and the ruins continue to be the glaciers that spread the glutinous slug in a glass of cola scratch. It seems that all this glory of the earth reminds visitors of their completely insignificant life. It works as a self-healing: some crisp, clean air, a look at the kinematic landscapes, and natural water-saturated minerals.
SELJANDSFOSS waterfall - the first on our journey, it is fed with melting water from the famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano. (The 2010 volcano has erupted and spread into the atmosphere a huge cloud of volcanic ash, causing the airspace to close, interrupted airplanes)
To be continued...
SELJANDSFOSS waterfall Iceland
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